January is Radon Action Month

You have the power to prevent the second leading cause of lung cancer! Get your home tested for radon gas, and reduce your family’s risk of exposure.


Graphic of radon entering a houseWhat is Radon?

 Radon is an odorless, tasteless and invisible gas produced by the decay of naturally occurring uranium in soil and water.*  In outdoor places, the radon gas disperses into the air, making the concentrations of the gas low.  In contrast, buildings can trap the gas in basements and low-lying places, sometimes leading to high concentrations.

Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S., and the #1 cause of lung cancer for non-smokers.*  Exposure to this gas is responsible for more than 20,000 deaths annually.

The challenge is that radon cannot be detected by sight, smell, or taste causing many cases of radon gas exposure to go unnoticed nationwide.


Top 10 Finalist in the National Radon Program Poster Contest

Top 10 Finalist in the National Radon Program Poster Contest (Cameron, age 11 of Peotone, IL)

What Can I Do to Prevent Radon Exposure?

In order to increase awareness about the dangers of radon, the Montgomery County Executive and Council will be designating January as Radon Action Month. Use this month to increase awareness of the risks of radon in your home, and as a great learning opportunity for your friends and family. January will also be used to promote radon testing and mitigation, and to advance the use of radon-resistant construction practices.

The best way to kick off January’s National Radon Action Month is to pick up a radon testing kit from your local hardware or home improvement store. Each kit will contain all the information you need to test your home and to protect you family from radon gas.

So remember:

Protect Your Family, Reduce Your Risk, Get Your Home Tested!


How Can I Learn More?



*Environmental Protection Agency


Posted on December 26, 2013
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